Guys complain a lot these days, that most of the girls they are dating are only with them because of their money, or that they seem not to be ready for anything serious. If you're dating a girl that's below 24 years, you would also be having similar complaints.

If not for the cultural norms that have depleted a bit in our society today, a girl below 24 should still be in school, thinking about her future and working towards achieving her dreams, and not worrying herself about getting into any serious relationship.

Below are reasons why you shouldn't ask a girl that's below 24 years for a serious relationship.

1. She's immature

A girl that's below 24 years is still immature, she doesn't know anything about a serious relationship, she hasn't been in one before, and doesn't know what it means to be in a serious relationship. Most of these girls that are below 24 years are still collecting allowances from their parents, they are not yet financially independent. And in a serious relationship, both parties would be required to spend.

2. She's still exploring

A girl that's below 24 years hasn't reached her destination yet, she's still exploring. So if you're dating a girl below 24 years and you think she won't break your heart, you're only deceiving yourself. She will eventually get tired of you and would find someone else out of her craving for a new experience.

3. She's emotionally unstable

A girl that's below 24 years is still emotionally unstable, she doesn't have any experience on how to not allow your emotions to get in the way of your thoughts and decisions. Most of her decisions and choices are still based on how she feels, her emotions, they are not guided by logic. This explains why there would always be some unnecessary fights in your relationship if you're dating a girl below 24 years.

4. She's still subject to peer pressure

A girl that's below 24 years would still be influenced by her friends, she will still need to consult her friends before she makes any decision. This explains why a girl may not agree to be in a relationship with you, just because her friends don't like you.

So if you're looking for a serious relationship, don't go to a girl that's below 24 years, she's not yet ready. Don't forget to share your opinion on this article, in the comments section.