Asking a girl out could be a whole lot of work at times. Situations whereby you so much like a particular girl, then you summon all courage in your immune systems and beyond to ask her to be your girlfriend and she says "NO, I'm not interested". Trust me, it could be devastating, heartbreaking and even traumatising at times that one could even find it difficult to like another girl, let alone asking her to be your girlfriend.

But as hard and funny as it could be, there are some things that could be done to totally convince a girl to say "YES" to you.

However, you have to know that girls are very feeble creatures, they like to be handled gently, petted and pampered right, left and Center.

Girls Do not liked to be forced, No, they don't. So always have it at the back of your mind that when a girls say "No", its "NO". Here are some tips as to how to ask a girl out and make her say yes;

(1) First, Ensure to create an awareness that you are interested in her. Let her know your emotions, let her know exactly how you feel about her and in what light you see her.

Girls could easily discern whatever it is you want from them, so let your actions be louder than the words you say. Let your eyes have "I like you" written in them.

(2) Secondly, You have to give a good impression about yourself. Girls want bad guys but they want good guys.

You don't understand that, right? Giving her a good impression of yourself is important, as this is part where you give her an insight into what kind of person you are. Present yourself in the best way possible.

You have to be neat, smart be the kind of guy she would admire. But this is where you have to be mindful of your discussions with her because girls take note of every little thing especially if they just met you. A man is expected to be confident and she might not even mind you showing some of your masculine abilities like helping her carry stuffs, opening doors for her.

Discussions that have to do with talking about each other, could be done over lunch or dinne. Girls like that!

(3) Complements go a long way. Girls like complements. Girls like to be told how Beautiful they are every day, how gorgeous her dress is, how attractive her make-over is and lots more. Complement her every step of the way but do not be sarcastic. Girls like to noticed, when they have a new hairdo or are looking extraordinary than every other day. Appreciating and praising her, automatically opens her heart and melting it softly towards you.

(4)Always make her laugh or smile at the least. Girls like funny and charming guys. Drop joke lines in between conversations, make a joke out of something but just dont be formal with her.Be free in order to make her feel comfortable with you.

(5)Be sincere with her. Nothing puts a lady off than a lying guy, Avoid telling lies to a lady you are attracted to. When she asks questions, answer with all sincerity. Be open and transparent with her. Let her be able to read through you. Do not pretend about your past relationships and let your relationship activities be private, most importantly do not discuss her secrets with your friends.

(6) Pay her surprise visits, buy her gifts, call her alot but do not be a pest. I repeat, don't be a pest. Avoid asking questions like "Where are you?" "What are you doing?" everytime, it puts girls off. Ask her to the movies, play games together, If possible eat together, this creates intimacy between you and her. This brings her closer to see that you really mean business.

Flirting with her or going beyond boundaries would make her feel that you are not serious. It makes her feel that you only want to have your way between her legs. Do not mention anything about your sexual attractions and desires, let her be your girlfriend first.

(8) Lastly, always show her off. Girls like to be shown off, it makes her know that you really do like her. Take her as dates to parties, show her to your friends describing her as your "best female friend" since you are still working on her being your girlfriend. Jokingly warn your friends against her, make her feel like once she says "yes", you are taking her straight home to mama.

If after all these, she turns you down, do not be devastated or depressed about it. She might just want you to be a close friend and not a lover.

Don't Stop being her friend, dont stop talking to her, she might still give in one day and if she doesn't, You could always like another girl!