We are currently in a time when married men fall for other women, mostly attractive young women. But to make the long story short, here are some proven reasons why some married men fall for other women in the first place. So keep reading!

1. They Lose The Emotional Bonds With Their Wives

Well, men are emotional human beings just like women , they have emotional needs too.

But if a man sees that he is not on the same emotional level with his wife, he will seek for someone who will measure up to him and also understand him better.

They need someone who will understand them, someone who won't judge them for their actions, who will listen to them. And if they find such person in another women, they will go for her.

2. They Want To Hurt Their Partner Mainly Because Their Partner Cheated on Them

Most men who were cheated on and hurt is why they go after other women because they want to hurt their partner just like she did to them.

They do it for revenge and in that way, feel better in their own skin.

I personally think that this isn't going to solve the problem and that they should try finding out the reason that happened in the first place.

3. They Got A Chance To Cheat

Maybe some men wouldn't cheat on their wives if they didn't have the chance to cheat. This is made possible if maybe the man is facing family problems, and then all of a sudden a woman full of understanding who offered them some comfort showed up, most of them would cheat. And after such act they would calm their conscience by saying to themselves that they deserve some happiness because they have been neglected for such a long time, meaning they don't feel remorse about it.

4. The Middle Age Crisis

Yup! The middle age crisis has killed so many marriages.

This is one of the reasons why some married men fall for other women. When men reach some certain age they'll realize that they are getting older and that they can't do the same thing like while they were young, and they do crazy things such as selling their cars or hooking up with new women who are half as young as they are.

But that doesn't ease the fact that they cheated on their wives with that girl. And that is something no woman will forget.

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