Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock is a culturally recognized union between people, called spouses. They are recognized as Union, not boyfriend and girlfriend, that at any moment, they can go their separate ways. Marriage is a lifetime something. That's why as a guy when thinking of getting married, you have to ask the girl some of the following questions to understand certain things before you go ahead to do the needful. (1). Questions like, What do your parents believe in today? (2). What do you believe in? (3). Can you tell me a few stories about your family? (4). How open are you with your parents? (5). What do your parents know about me already? (6). What do your siblings know about me already? (7). How close are you to your family members? (8). What kind of relationship do you want me to have with your family? (9). How important is tradition to your family? (10). What kind of questions am I expecting your family to ask me? (11). How often do you see your family? (12). What are some kinds of things your parents expect to see in your partner? (13). How important is your parent's approval to you? (14). What's your opinion on visitors coming to stay for days? and finally, (15). What's something you would find difficult to cope with that you're already seeing in me, or my family? The bottom line is, had I known it's a regret. So, before you finally settle down with a girl, study her attitude, to know if you both are compatible. Also, a few things about her family background to know the kind of family you're about to marry from. Please, follow, like, and share for more updates, thanks.