Embrace Your Own Path And Keep Moving Until You Reach Your Destination – Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic uses her social media pages to positively impact the lives of others. When she isn’t inspiring her fans, she boldly takes on societal ills including that of the government.This time, the beautiful Nollywood actress stated clearly in a tweet that people should learn to embrace their own paths as everybody’s can’t be the same.

Read her tweet below.

“On the journey of life, some will work hard to get what others won’t work at all to receive. U will learn that everyone’s path is different. Embrace ur own path and keep moving until you reach ur destination. Whatever path you choose, make a mark so we know you passed through”.

See for yourself below.

Embrace Your Own Path Rita Dominic - Amebo Book

In other news, Rita Dominic had to tackle a man on Twitter who did not agree with her that people will respect who they want to as it is earned not forced.

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