Girls are very good at hiding things, this is why, they hardly show you if they have feelings for you. But something they can't hide is some of the signs they will start showing which will signify that they are really in love with you.

But the problem is that many guys find it hard to identify these signs, so in this article, I am going to show you ways in which you can know whether a girl is secretly in love with you.

1. If she always asks you to stay with her

This is one of the signs that a girl is truly in love with you. She will always like to ask you to stay with her or spend time with her. Believe it or not, no girl will ask a guy to come over when she does have any feelings for him.

2. If she spends money on you

Not all girls do this, but the ones that do it are really in love with you. I don't necessarily mean that she will take you out, no, I mean she can give a small amount of money and not ask you of it again. This is a sign that a girl is crazy for you.

3. She becomes angry when she sees you with other girls

If a girl always becomes angry when you are with other girls, she is totally into you. You will see that she is not happy facially to the extent that she will even walk out.

4. She will tell you all her deepest secrets

When a girl likes to talk to you. Likes to chat with you. She will always tell you even her deepest secrets. This is because she trusts you with all her heart. So guys go for her, she is your girl.

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