Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Clear Signs You Are Being Used In A Relationship

Most young single guys out there only want one thing from you. And thats to get your back on their beds. They will use and dump you. Nobody likes to feel they’re being used.

This however is not the only way guys use girls. When a guy you love or care for deeply, either romantically or as a friend, seems to be constantly on the take and doesn’t reciprocate in the normal way, it can be demoralizing and undermines your self-worth.

In short, it hurts.

The best thing you can do for yourself in this situation is to identify the red flags before its too late. Here are 5 Clear Signs that the guy you think loves you only want to use and dump you;

1- The guy thinks about himself alone

If the guy sees himself as the number one priority, then this is a clear sign. In this scenario, he sees himself as the center of attention. It's always about his job, his success, his happiness and his family.

He cares little about you and only pays attention to you when he needs to satisfy his s*xual desires or he needs something else from you.

2- He doesn't listen to you

You are in a balanced relationship if your guy is a good listener who pays attention to your needs. However, if this is not the case, you might be in a one sided relationship.

He’ll be unable to retain the information you share about your difficult boss or your ailing parents because it means nothing to him.

If he's not a good listener then he's not a true partner and he's using your friendship/relationship to satisfy some other (self-serving) need.

3- He's a serial borrower (of money)

If he borrows money from you all the time then you should be wary. whether it’s just a few thousands of naira here or there or larger sums, you should be careful especially when he doesn't return the previous ones he'd borrowed.

You Should also keep tabs of how often you pay the bills and expenses. If he asks you to pay all the time or to borrow him certain amounts to pay bills without returning your money, then this is a strong sign.

4- He’s only nice when it suits him

Users are sly enough to know that they have to be nice to get what they want.

They can be super sweet and thoughtful when they need a favor, some practical help, or to borrow something.

But you’ll find that they’ll give you short shrift once they’re successful in getting whatever it is.

They’ll shut down the charm when they’re no longer looking for something.

5- He only call at night

This is classic user behavior. If your romantic partner only calls you up or texts late at night suggesting a hookup, then it’s a sign that you’re something of a last resort when nothing better is on offer.

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