We live in a technology era where a lot of our human interactions happen through the internet in one way or another. This is why it's very possible for you to meet someone you like without seeing them physically.

When You Have a Crush On Someone Online

I'm sure you must have met someone online who you liked but didn't know how to go about it. Sometimes we even go about it the wrong way and end up ruining things. This is something that happens to both guys and girls but this post will focus on the guys.

As a guy who meets a new girl that he likes online, there are certain do's and dont's that you need to be aware of if you want to make progress with this girl you like. If you follow these steps, it's not full proof but at least you will know that you tried your best and you made no mistake.

Here is what you need to do when you find a girl you like on social media:

1• Follow Her

This is one obvious step in the mainstream social media nowadays. In order to have access to someone's posts and updates, you have to follow them. This tells the person that you are interested in their online content.

Another thing you need to do in this step is to get her to follow you back. After following her, give her some time to follow back. If she doesn't follow back but remains active online, politely tell her to follow you back and she most likely will do it.

2• Get Her Attention

Getting her attention and getting her to notice you should be your next line of action. You both follow each other and now, there is a mystery about you in her mind no matter how small it is. Now you need to "wow" her.

This step is your way of easing yourself into her online space. What you need to do here is interact with her posts online. Drop a like and also drop a comment once in a while.

You need to only drop these comments once in a while so you don't look creepy and desperate. When she posts a picture, drop a comment like "beautiful" or something simple like that. Don't go overboard or overdo so that you don't weird her out. Even if she doesn't engage your comment, girls like compliments so I'm sure she already noticed you and your comment.

On her objective and opinion posts, make your comments friendly and objective. Don't be rude when disagreeing with her opinions and show her that you value her opinion. These are things that can easily get her attention.

3• Send Her A DM

This is actually the most difficult part because a lot of guys don't know the perfect time or the right approach to send a DM (direct message).

From the previous step of getting her attention, if you get a positive feedback from her e.g maybe she likes your comments, replies your comments or she usually interacts with your posts, the next bold step is to send her a direct message.

Your first DM to her should have an introductory approach from you. Something as simple as "Hi" is the right way to go about it. When she replies, then you go on from there. Introduce yourselves and get to know each other better.

Learn to ask the right questions like "where are you from" and avoid asking questions that are too personal. Remember you just met this girl. Another thing you should learn is to have a sense of humour. When texting her, add a few jokes to it but do not use too sensitive jokes or jokes that can be taken out of context.

These first few conversations between you two are very important and will determine if things will work out. You don't need to go to university to learn how to chat with a girl. Just be yourself and allow things flow naturally.

4• Meet With Her In Person.

Meeting in person is the cherry on the cake in your relationship with that particular girl. As important as your online conversations are, meeting in person is the real deal and where the actual interaction happens.

Just one meeting in person will reveal more to both of you than all those chats on social media. Physical conversations are a lot more real and a lot more revealing. If you want to make progress with this girl, seeing each other physically on a regular basis is very important.

You can invite her to go on dates, watch movies or even attend events together. This is actually when a reasonable bond is built between the two of you. You can't hide behind social media chats forever. When you're frequently meeting her in person, she will even take you more seriously.

5• You Have Done Your Part

Relationships are about effort and by taking these steps listed above, you have already made reasonable amount of effort for this girl. Now the ball is in her court.

If things are going to work between the two of you, you will probably know after taking these steps. Her reactions and her actions should tell you all you need to know. This will let you know whether to continue your pursuit or take a step back (when she's not showing interest).


We are lucky to live in this generation when you can interact with someone effectively even when they are not in close proximity with you. This has helped relationships a lot. A lot of important relationship discussions actually take place on social media.

In this context of meeting people online, a lot of people out there have found the love of their lives on social media and everything worked out for them. What are you waiting for?.