"Could this be a mistake?" - See the shoes a lady wore to a shop that sparked reactions on Facebook.

Fashion have been an important aspect of living for every woman, any woman would love to look good and appear as classy as possible outside her home. She always wants to be presentable and admirable.

The need to always looks upgraded and fashionable have made some women to go extra miles, with their make-up or outfits. Although there have been cases of fashion mishaps, we can't forget that as well, and today, it maybe the case for this woman we're talking about.

A woman was spotted in a shop with a man, well what is interesting about the photo is the shoes she was wearing. She was wearing different shoes on both feet. See the photos shared on Facebook:

While some people were quick to think that it's another fashion trend, someone thinks that perhaps she made a mistake, see more reactions to the photo below:

This kind of mistake is something one can easily notice, it could be she's testing a shoe for purchase at the shop, what do you think about this lady? Could this be a new fashion trend?