Onion is a vegetable that is used in cooking our meals. It has a lot health benefits ranging from fighting cancer, controlling sugar level, boosting the digestive system, etc.

About 3 weeks ago, the scarcity of onions led to a very high increase in it's price. Consumers and households have been complaining bitterly about the price of onions as it was now called the new gold. A bag of onions that used to be sold for about N20,000 increased with 325% to about N80,000.

However, the prices of onions as well as tomatoes and pepper has dropped by 45%. Marketers and distributors of this food items revealed that the drop in prices was as a result of favorable harvest of agricultural produce.

In my area where I live in Lagos, a big bag of onions now sells for about N60,000 and small bag for about N30,000.

Other food items such as tomatoes, pepper and vegetable oil now sell for about N8,000, N8,500 and N10,700 respectively.

It is important to know that the prices for food commodities is not the same in all places in the country. The price of a good in Abuja will be different from the price of the good in plateau state.

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Source: Punch Nigeria.