8 Signs Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You!

Everyone deserves to be in a relationship. Not every person dates for love,others just want to look cool and impress their friends, others want the money while others just pity the person and try to date him or her. It might not be fun because love might not be involved here. But where does the fun come?when both of you are in love!.So,can you really tell if your partner is madly in love with you?.Read the following to find out.

1.He usually enjoys things you enjoy - At first he might not be a fan of the long walks on the beach but now he even wants to know when you are having that because he is eager to go.He might not be into watching cartoons but then he starts loving it,this just shows that he wants to spend more time with you as he just loves the sight of you.It makes his day.

2.He cooks for you after a long day - This means he also understands your struggles and would rather help you.He is not the type who just sit as the woman dies of work in the house.No,he's not that selfish,he cares that's why he would rather help than see you stressed up.

3.He just buys you flowers for no reason - It might not be your birthday or Valentines. He loves you so much that he always wants to make your days better.

4.He easily forgives you without holding grudges - Have you ever been with a person who expects you to be perfect all the time?.If you make a mistake then he will keep on reminding you what you did all the time so that you feel bad about yourself. He's not like that,he understands that no one is perfect and would easily forgive you and just forget about it. If he does something wrong,he genuinely apologizes too.

5.He often steals glances at you - This means that he is in love with you that he can't get enough of your beauty. You don't have to be dressed in your favourite dress but he just love the simple you,you might even be in a baggy shirt with no make up but he still can't get his eyes off you.

6.He introduces you to his friends - If he happily introduces you to his friends and boast of how he is lucky to have you in his life,he is in love with you that he can't imagine life without you around.

7.He rarely uses his phone when hanging out with you unless its urgent - He just dnt want distractions because he can't get enough of you. He wants you to be the centre of his universe at that moment.Thats love.

8.He still stays even when you lose everything - If at some point in life you end up losing your property or job then he still wants to be with you and help you grow again then that guy loves you a lot.You should cherish him.

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