Lots of ladies have been in deep oblivion as they are not sure whether their man takes them serious or not. Some go as far as thinking whether their man is merely playing around with them.

If you are in the category of ladies who do not know whether their man takes them serious, this article will be of help to you.

In this light, here are 3 ways to know whether your man Takes you serious or not.

Firstly, if he fails to reach out when you don't reach out to him, it shows that your man does not take you serious. A man who takes you serious will try his best to reach out to you all the time.

Secondly, when your man hardly ever gets jealous about you, it could be that he does not take you serious. How does it happen in a relationship that is going well that a man won't be jealous of his girlfriend?

Thirdly, He doesn't show you off. Men who take their girlfriend serious tell their friends about and family about her. He is happy to show her to her relatives.

What other ways do you think will help you know whether your man takes you serious or not?

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