Pretty Lady Loses 40kg In 8 Months, Says She Never Used The Gym (Photos)

A Nigerian lady has undergone an amazing weight loss transformation in under a year, without having to visit the gym.

@dodobabss has taken to the microblogging site to wow social media users after she posted photos of her weight loss journey.

In the tweet she posted, the lady said she shed 40kg in eight months and she did not visit the the gym at any time during the said period for any kind of physical regimen.

According to her, the weight loss took place between February and October 2020.

She shared before and after pictures of herself which captured her when she was still her old self and the ones showing a slimmer physique.

Nigerians were impressed as some wondered how she achieved that fitness feat without ever visiting the gym.

See her post below:

See a compilation of some reactions in the comment section

@Gemmepa_ said: Chimooo, if only I could be this dedicated my waste line would be looking like ‘I’ right now.

@YuxgB said: Wow. Nice transformation.

@kikeoo6 said: Impressive oo, I need to get discipline and get serious.

@YourRexHarry said: Somebody would come and be talking nonsense later about this is who I am, love me as I am.

@OkarohTobe said: I am not saying she is not sincere, but l am saying people should try and be truthful about how they got a new shape, to prevent deception and depression on your followers. Thank you.

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