Do you know that there are certain special things girls do to guys they are crushing on? Before going to approach any girl or nursing the feeling that a girl in your class loves you, please look out for these few things to avoid being embarrassed.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things only a girl that loves you will do to you. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

1. Call you Bad Names: if you have ever been in a class or at work and a certain girl you don't usually relate with, starts calling you bad names either seriously or jokingly, then it's a sign she is starting to fall for you. This is typical of Nigerian ladies, they never confess their feelings instead they start showing subtle signs and flashing green light to the guy for him to pick up. If a girl starts calling you names like "Big head", "Mad man" in a joking manner or whenever you complain about the bad names, she laughs it out; just know that she is crushing on you and that's her only way or telling you. If you continue ignoring her, one day she will hold your hand tight and tell you to your face.

2. Curious whenever you are doing something with your phone: this is another sign that a lady loves you or rather crushing on you. If a girl maybe in your school, feels very curious or tensed up whenever you are engrossed with you phone while close to her to the extent that she literally wants to peep into your phone to know what you are doing, she is trying to tell you that she loves you. Girls especially Nigerian girls do this when they are jealous or unhappy that instead of talking with them, you're busy with your device.

3. Says Silly things to you whenever you come too close to her: this is another sign that she loves you deeply. If a girl starts saying silly things when you come too close to her, silly things like, "I hope your girlfriends won't bite me", "This one we are close, hope your girlfriend won't be angry with you" knowing fully well that you don't have a girlfriend. Just know she is asking you if you're still single and ready to mingle, flow with her, just tell her what she wants to hear, that you don't have a girlfriend and see the happiness that will be written on her face.

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