Having an intimate and happy relationship is one of the most important ways to stay healthy, in mind and body. For men, it is essential to take care of their partners emotionally and more so often physically as well. So how do you know what to do to ignite the passion in your partner?

Here are the best qualities that make women lose their minds. Learn a few new things and make sure you and your partner have a satisfying and exciting physical relationship.

1- Generosity

Moderate generosity is another thing to make a girl fall in love with you. Ladies do not like greedy men. We are not asking you to give her diamond rings and organize dinners in posh expensive restaurants. What you must do is to be generous enough to give a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. Occasionally take her out to a restaurant or a shopping mall.

2- Humour

It's no secret that girls love others who can crack a joke or is funny. Boys can attract girls with a good sense of humor. Most girls aren't attracted to people who are constantly putting themselves down. Therefore, boys should have a good sense of humor.

3- Confidence

Confidence is a killer. They love a guy who they can bring around to their friends and family and relatives and show him off and that he will give a good account of himself.

There is a sea of beautiful women out there. There are not nearly as many good looking men. hence women have to look for other traits. Confidence is one of them. Women love competent men. They love the guy that when seen with him, other women will be impressed or envious. Someone who is assured.

4- Masculinity

Masculinity is a combination of such qualities as fortitude, generosity, courage, and nobility. This is a set of traits that smart women can’t resist.

5- Kindness

Women expect men to be kind and If They find these quality in them, it calms their heart and makes them feel amazing. This means caring for the less fortunate, doing something for the old or maybe just helping a dog or maybe helping an old lady cross the road. For women, little things matters the most and they will acknowledge your efforts.

6- Taking care and paying attention

Everyone loves attention and wants to be taken care of. Women also consider these qualities as great characteristics of a good father for her future kids.

7- Being Romantic

A romantic man is something women can't resist. He turns her life into a nonstop celebration of their feelings and makes her feel loved all the time.

8- Loyalty

Women value it the most. It has much broader meaning than just physical loyalty. There are ups and downs in relationship, being patient and knowing your partner`s weaknesses, not running away and turning your back in tough times means being loyal. It takes your relationship on the next level. There is always a temptation to find a younger girl, more beautiful, energetic and interesting. But to see the beauty in your partner for a lifetime is what everyone dreams about, to be unique and special for a particular person.

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