Asking a girl some questions before thinking of going into a relationship with her, it's one of the most brilliant things a guy can do if he likes a girl. Because it will reveal a little bit about the girl's attitude and her expectations to you. Like the questions below.

(1). What are some things a guy can do to make a girl feel loved? She might mention things that generally make girls feel loved, but from her tone, you will know things that make her feel loved. If her expectations are beyond what you expect, then you do what's best for you.

(2). Will you say sorry to your partner even though it’s not your fault? Of course, at times we say sorry not because we are wrong, we say sorry because we value the person and the relationship more than being right. So if she tries to give reasons why she can never apologize to a guy when she has done nothing, it will be difficult for that girl to say sorry even though she is wrong. So you should avoid a girl who will always defend her wrongs and even put blames on you.

(3). Questions like, when do you intend to settle down? Every individual has the time they intend to marry. If you involve yourself with a girl who is ready to marry and you are not, it will either cost you pains or pressure you to marry because of the likeness you have for her. This is something that has happened to so many, and they are regretting it. So, avoid such a situation.

Being in a relationship it's nice and wonderful, but being with the wrong person can slow your progress in life, cost you pains. So, knowing a girl before going into a relationship with her matters a lot.

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