Nigerian artist goes viral after making life-like drawing with his pencil

Nigerian artist, Chubby Onyesoro has wowed Nigerians on social media after he shared photos of the 3D artwork he made.

Onyesoro who identified himself as 3D pencil artist went viral after he shared one of his works on popular platform, Twitter.

Most Nigerians retweeted aggressively as they wondered how he was able to pull a drawing which seemed to have a life of its own with just a pencil.

@NwadigoJohnpaul said:

“Where did I go wen God was sharing d gift of drawing….I can’t even draw an eggroll.” @Jazzzie_ said:

“You guys definitely have the magic hands.. Like.. How do you even create this sort of amazing art. I can’t even draw an eraser.” @khykhelormur said:,