When pure instincts fail us, it’s time we use our psychological knowledge and examine the universal language that is: body language. Most people won’t point-blank come out and say they hate you. Well, I mean, maybe a kindergartner having a tantrum or like someone who really really dislikes you and just can’t take it anymore.

1. A woman who totally stops calling us, even to hear from you doesn't love you .

2. There's no time for a woman who pretends to love to dedicate herself to you because she'll tell you what to do something really important to do.

3. She seldom picks up your call when you call her on the internet, and even if she picks up your call, it's just to tell you she's busy and that later she'll call you back.

4. She'll instantly get angry at you if you make a very minor mistake.

5. If a woman calls you just when she wants money or other stuff, it means she doesn't like you, but because of these needs, she's only pretending.

6. She would never come and apologise to you if she makes you mad one day.

7. She would instantly leave you when you have financial issues.

8. She would never have time to respond to your SMS or reply to it.

9. She's never ready to spend an hour at your side jealously.

10. Without even thinking about you, she spends all her time on the internet, talking on Facebook, on Whatsapp.