It is very hard to know whether a lady is in a relationship or not. They don't write it on their faces that they are already in a relationship but there are some things they do that shows their relationship status. Sometimes I ask myself that do all ladies have a boyfriend because anyone I approach always have a boyfriend. Despite females populations is more than the males, I still find it hard to see a lady without a boyfriend.

But after learnt how to know a lady's relationship status, I can easily tell whether she is in a relationship or not. Many of them lie about their relationship status just to scare many guys away from them. You don't need to be deceived by their lies, just learn how to know her relationship status yourself.

To know whether a lady is in a relationship, she will often receive calls and messages form her boyfriend. Aside that, she will less associate herself with any man except her boyfriend and she will always be smiling when he is near her. Her looks and mode of dressing will change as she will tend to dress well in order to attract her boyfriend.

Once you notice these thing in her, just know that she is already in a relationship.

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