Girls Are Not Hard To Get, See 10 Things To Do And Win The Heart Of Any Girl

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It's certain that most men still don't know how to approach a girl especially on the first day they set eyes on her. Frankly speaking, a lady is always an emotional type she gets moved with what she sees and that has always been the fears of boys to approach a girl because the girl met reject him and it's a very hurtful feeling to boys.

So In today's article am going to show 8 best way to approach a girl especially on the first day.

1. Remove the fear of humiliation and rejection:

Most men are frightened that the girl the want to approach may be harsh, insulting and may reject them so they find it very difficult to walk straight to a girl and talk to her. If you want to approach her please your priority is to remove fear and talk to her boldly.

2. Dress decently and smart:

If you want to approach a girl you should try to dress gorgeous, and decently to attract her because most women get moved by what the see.

3. Observe the environment: Before approaching her to observe things that are happening around you, things like if she is selling, where she is going, what she is doing. So that when you are talking with her you won't run out of words. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4. Observe her mode:

Meet her when she is smiling and happy because that's the best time to penetrate her heart.

5. Put a smile on your face:

Before meeting her try and put a smile on your face because girls love guys that smile. Believe me, your smile plays its own role.

6. Be politely when talking to her:

Don't be harsh when speaking to her because ladies hate hot-tempered men. They may try to tease you by making you angry on your first approach just to check what type of person you are, you should note an understand that she is just teasing and politely speak to her.

7. Don't hold her by the hand:

Please is abnormal to hold a girl on her hands while approaching her. Not all girls are simple some of them may not tolerate that so you should mind how close you are to her, give her some space but don't go too far from her.

8. Crack her up:

Try to gist her and crack her up with jokes with that you have gotten her attention and can proceed further.

9. Then Ask her out

Believe me, she will say Yes to you if she says no give her some time and collect her contact information like her phone number, her social media name and be chatting or calling her up she will accept you.

10. You shouldn't ask her too much

You should avoid some silly questions like do you have a boyfriend, are you a Virgin and so on.

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