There is a popular saying that this life is not balance and that is what best explains why a married woman will still be interested in another man outside her husband.

It is worthy to note that this article is not targeted at promoting infidelity but to primarily alert the young guys there that if they notice any of these signs from a married woman, then it is beyond friendship.

They are now at liberty to either shoot and their shot or flee as the holy books commanded!

Here 7 Ways To Know If A Married Woman Wants You

-Consciously looking for excuses to make physical contact in any given time – high fives, pat on the back, ruffling up hair – are one of the signs a married woman is interested in you

-When a married woman lustful looks at you, that is a clear sign she wants to be more than friends

-Even when nothing is said, she will laugh and blush a lot around you

-When you discover that a married woman is always looking for one excuse or the other to talk with, this sometimes indicates a desire for more than just friendship. You may catch her staring at you unwittingly

-The sound of her voice becomes more sensual when you’re alone with her

-A married woman who notices small, little things about you and you have her undivided attention always is interested in 'deeper' things experience have shown

-Unconscious traits of jealousy when she sees you with other females