I know, female are among the most soft creatures God has ever created in the world - the hearts of female are clean and soft to the extent that, if they trust you, they can freely tell you everything about themselves which that is a crystal mistake.

Dear women, I know you have a soft heart, but still, there are certain things in life you should never disclose it to your boyfriend no matter how you trust him.

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I know, you want to be honest and open to your boyfriend, but I have came across many cases and situations where some of these things I am going to mention made many ladies regret about the extreme openness.

As an advisor, if you are in relationship with any person, you should apply extra careful that will disallow you into revealing your personal information about you and your family at large.

1. Men that entered your hole: Do you know that there are many men who tend to ask their girlfriends about the numbers of men that entered their hole? Therefore, once your boyfriend ask you this silly question, you should find a clue to deviate from the topic but I you choose to tell him, surely, he will leave you and start revealing your secret to his friends and public at large.

2. Details About Your Ex: View pictures in App save up to 80% data.I understand that you may like to share your previous experience with the new boyfriend you get now, while sharing your previous experience, you should never tell him details about your ex boyfriend.

3. Your Family Health Issues : There are some families that have certain peculiar health issues, if you know your family has peculiar health issues, don't ever disclose it to your boyfriend.

4. Your Finance : It is really unwise to tell your boyfriend how rich you are. Your money is yours. You should never ever tell him your total incomes in a month or what you gets daily. Keep your bank details, your assets and your earnings far from your boyfriend.

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