Most men are always confused and cannot really tell if their girlfriend truly loves them or not. It is very possible that the woman you are don't love you but you won't know. She might just be hanging out with you for money or material gain. In this article, I will be sharing some tips on 8, things a girl will do if she doesn't love you or she is not interested in the relationship, and you should break up with her immediately!

1. She replies your message late

When a girl loves a guy, she would want to hear from him all the time. In a case where your girlfriend read your message but refused to reply on time (after 24 hours), that is a clear sign that she does love you and you need to break up with such a girlfriend immediately.

2. She introduce you as a friend

There are no two ways about this. Once your girlfriend introduces you as a friend to people, it simply means she is not that into you. If she introduce you as just a friend, then that's who you are!

3. She cancels plans to see you repeatedly

If your girlfriend is always canceling plans to see you, it either means she doesn't love you or she is no longer interested in the relationship.

4. She tells you that she is not ready for a serious relationship

This simply means that she have not seen the guy she wants a serious relationship with. Indirectly implying that she doesn't want you.

5. You are always the one calling

Relationship is a two-way thing. If at any point, you discover that you are always the one initiating communication, it means she doesn't care much about you.

6. She belittles your comment

If a girl belittles your comment or compliment, it simply means that she is not serious about you.

7. She doesn't return your missed calls

Even when you are always the one calling, she misses your calls and still doesn't return them? Brother! Please break up with her immediately.

8. Watch her nonverbal language

Above all, you should pay attention to those things she is not saying like her reaction; actions and inaction when she is with you.

Quick question: why are you still wasting your time with a girl who does these? Please break up with her immediately and find someone else who will be worth it!

Have any girlfriend of yours done any of these 8 things to you before? Please let's hear your story in the comment section below.