Getting a guy to respect you as a lady is not something that is difficult or impossible to achieve. Various factors comes into play in getting a guy to respect you as a lady.

There are many things ladies do that causes guys not to respect them, to be able to get a guy to respect you, depends largely on you.

Here are some of the ways to get a guy to respect you as a lady.

1. Be independent: for you to get respect from guys, you must be independent financially, if you are financially dependent on a guy, the guy will take advantage of you, and exploit you, especially in the area of his sexual desires, because he is the one paying your bills or feeding you. When you are not dependent on a guy for anything, they tend to respect you.

2. Dress decently: it is often said that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. As a lady you need to cultivate the habit of dressing decently, some ladies have been victims of rape and sexual assault as a result of their indecent dressing, if you don't dress decently as a lady, no man will respect you and your body. Learn to dress decently and watch men respect you.

3. Be of good character: your character says a lot about you as a lady, being of good character as a lady will not only make guys respect you but also to love you. When you treat people well and you don't look down on them, and have a good relationship with people, guys will respect you.

4. When you are not promiscuous and don't flirt around: no guy has respect for a lady who loves flirting with guys or is promiscuous. Live a decent life as a lady and guys will begin to respect you.

5. By respecting other people: respect is earned, when you give out respect to people, you earn it back in return without demanding for it. When guys notice you respect them and others as well, they will begin to respect you.

6. When you are honest: being honest in your dealings with people will make them to respect you, being honest with a guy will make him to respect you, when a guy notice that you are devoid of deceit, they will begin to respect you.

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