There are many characteristics a man can possess that women love, and you as a man might be aware of them. However, there are also some characteristics that these women really like in men, but wouldn’t want him to know.

Picture of a beautiful lady used for illustration

In this article I would be highlighting 4 of these characteristics.

1 Broad shoulders:

This is something so many women admire, but might not want you to know as a man. Some of them see men with broad shoulders to be strong and manly, and this is a characteristic some of them find very hard to resist.

2 White teeth:

This might sound funny, but women are really impressed when they see a man with pure white teeth. They see these kinds of men as being very neat, and which woman wouldn’t want to be with a neat guy? none.

3 Confidence:

This is a characteristic is one that lots of women really admire. They see confident men as being very smart, and they believe a confident man would have some leadership characteristics.

4 Calmness:

Women really like men that are calm, and composed. They see a calm man as someone who can perfectly handle a family without any problem.

Which of these characteristics do you have? And if you have all just know that there are lots of women crushing on you.

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