It is very easy to fall in Love, but it is very hard to stay in Love. Cheating have become a threat to several peaceful relationship and this is because of the insatiable behaviour of partners. Questions like, Why do men Cheat? And How do you know he is cheating? Is a question with multiple answers. In this article, I shall discuss briefly on four strange things men probably do When they are Cheating in a relationship, so if you are a woman in a relationship, please kindly take note.

Illustration photo of a man refusing to take a walk with his woman.

1. Public parade: whenever your man refuse to take a walk with you all the time, just know that the lady he is cheating with, lives nearby. There is no reason for any man who claims to love you dearly to turn down walking around with you on several occasion.

Illustration photo of a man hiding to answer a call.

2. Phone related problems: whenever He starts to put his phone on silence and also refuse to pick his call in front of you, know that any woman has been rubbing his back for you. someone would never allow you to operate his phone. More so when you call him, he takes time to pick or busy your call, this could be a possibly sign that he is cheating on you.

Illustration photo of a man nagging at slightest provocation.

3. Change in attitude: He will get angry easily, especially over things that irrelevant. This is a common problem associated with Cheat, they try their possible best to get rid of you, and one efficient way to do that is by constant nagging. If he is deep in thought whenever he is with you, then know that he could be thinking about another woman.

4. He gets tired easily on bed and also keep late nights. This is an advance problem in cheating, whenever he comes back late at night and gives you a story about work, there is a reason for you to suspect, the height of it all is if he continues to deny you intimacy or love making, then be certain he is seeing someone else.