Here is the picture;

Have you ever come across a person kneeling down while asking for forgiveness before?.

It is not easy to kneel down or bend to ask another person for forgiveness. It only takes maturity, courage, and displacement of shame on the part of the person asking for forgiveness. Although people ask for forgiveness on daily basis, there are some persons who find it difficult to ask others for forgiveness. Here is a practical example for you to see and learn.

Presently, a picture is circulating on social media. This picture shows a girl kneeling down while asking her boyfriend for forgiveness. As can be seen from the picture, the said boyfriend is unconcerned about the girl's feelings. He is adamant about what the young girl is saying.

The picture has so far got a lot of persons reacting. Many are of the view that the said girl must have left him when things were very hard for him. They maintained that the said girl only came back because she now sees that he is rich. They however added that the young man must not forgive her.

There are a few others who think otherwise. This category of people feels that the young man should at least forgive her. They maintained that if the girl could stoop so low to beg him while kneeling, then she must have truly repented.

What is your take on this?.

• Do you think that he should forgive her?.

• Do you think that he should not?.

• What do you feel the young girl did?

• If you are in his position, what would you do?.

My opinion.

I think that this girl deserves forgiveness. The fact that she could kneel down to beg him for forgiveness shows that she has truly repented. Please forgive her. It is however expected that this young man forgives her.

Nigerians are however reacting.

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