what's the world turning into. This post was made on face book of the man in the above picture. He was said to have rap.ed an innocent 7months old baby. The poster used it as an opportunity to advise mothers to be careful and mindful of whom they leave their babies with .As men this days are proving to be unworthy of our trusts any more .

The only question ongoing on my own mind is what could have led him into doing such. Is that how uncontrollable his urge has become. Will the baby survive this?. Mothers please be on the vigilance. Do not leave your baby in the company of men alone just like that. Be it the Baby's uncle or relation. Be on the guard to avoid having your daughter as an unlucky victim of such terrible acts from these men without conscience.

If only more serious punishment will be drafted out for this heinous offence called rap.e,the men who are involved in it will have long learnt how to control their urges and not their urges controlling them. No wonder someone once suggested castration as the punishment for rap,e. It will serve as a huge deterrent to other men who may have been nursing such terrible thoughts