Every woman out there deserves to be respected.

When come to relationships, don’t start judging girls base on your assumptions, there’s a lot you need to understand about women to be able to enjoy them.

When a woman decided to love a man, she will do everything to be with him, she will do anything possible to make the relationship to work, she will love him deeply and sacrifice everything to make him happy.

A woman is like a basket, men are like people who tries to fill the basket with water.
Many men tried putting water into the basket, but the water all drained out.
Until one smart man had the wisdom of covering the basket holes with cellophane or something that will prevent the water from gushing out of the basket.

A woman can determined within her not to have anything to do with any man, but when one smart man out there discovers her weakpoint, she automatically succumbed to what she was running away from.

Always have on the back of your mind that, before you won that woman’s heart, there were hundreds of others who tried and are still trying to win her heart but couldn’t, respect her.

Before you start treating that woman anyhow simply because she opened her l/e/g/s for you, know that you were only lucky to be chosen out of the long queues of men pestering her life every day, respect her.

Girls needs who understands her pain. A man who seeing the tears you push back when you smile.
A man who will respects every decision she have taken so that you could save your dignity and stand tall.
Girls need a man who will value her and respect everything about her.
A real man will not choose a woman just because she looks beautiful, he will choose a woman who can take a stand for herself, fight for herself and defend herself against all odds. The real sexiness of a woman lies in the strength of her character and the compassion in her heart.

No woman need a man who will keep cheating on her, no woman a cheating partner. If you truly love a woman don’t cheat on her, respect yourself and her, it very important in a relationship.

Every woman want a happy home, they really want their relationship work and last long, nobody want heart breaks, they want you to love them deeply.