How to make your lover to start missing you now.

Seriously, do you want make him miss you, there are many things you need to do to make him start missing you and fall in love with you more, you have give him or her something special about you, what you can offer to your lover has a lot role to play in making your partner to start missing you.

Be the women that no guy can imagine being without. When you miss a person, it’s a sign that you’re truly emotionally invested in that person; and that their absence in your life isn’t something that you find easy to bear. And if you want to remind your partner of just how significant you are in his life, then this article is for you.

The best advice for having a successful relationship is to know that you can’t try hard to keep it going perfectly. Because when you try hard, you literally repel things and especially people. Your relationship should not be about trying hard instead it should be about loving hard. Hence, when you try to make him miss you, opposite can happen. Things can go wrong. So, just be yourself, give him the space he needs and he will miss you for the real you. Don’t manipulate things only to make him miss you.

1. Make his favorite meals
They say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Want to seduce him? Cook his favorite meals or any other meals that are incredibly delicious. Believe it or not food plays a crucial role in love. It can either strengthen or ruin your relationship. So ladies, grab your cookbook and start experimenting.

2. Good Kiss and S e X
Learn how to be a great kisser and your guy will never want to kiss another girl. Moreover, he will want to kiss you again and again and will use every possibility to meet you. The same goes to sex. If you are good in bed, take advantage of it. This trick is particularly effective for a long-distance relationship.

3. Don’t be over available for him
If you think he will miss you after dozens of your texts and calls, you are mistaken. Don’t be over available. Keep a little distance. Show him that you have hobbies, priorities and other things to do. He should know that you have parents and friends to meet and hang out with. Be more independent and he will try to win your mind and heart so that you have more time to spend with him.

4. Once in awhile make him wait
In case it is your boyfriend who calls or sends text messages, try to mock him a bit. If you rush to answer the first ring or send a text immediately, it will not increase your value. Do not think that he would immediately give up if you do not respond right away; If someone does that, in the first place, it will not be worth it to worry about him. Therefore, practice patience a bit and force yourself to look away from your messages. Read it first to make sure it is not urgent, and answer it once you have finished what you are doing. It is better not to sit and wait for signs of life.

5. Don’t be over desperate
You desperately want him back in your arms, you don’t want him looking at anyone else, so you are calling and texting him around the clock in the hopes of staying on his mind. What you are doing is becoming a pest, and he is going to grow tired fast of the smothering, so you need to step back resist that urge to contact him. Think of it this way, if the two of you were meant to be together, then this constantly trying to connect with him is just unnecessary. Step back and get more involved with hobbies or dreams of yours.

6. Reveal yourself to him mysteriously
He will get bored if he knows everything there is to know about you. So, it is important to leave room for a little bit of mystery. Open yourself to him, but not at once. Feed him information about yourself in bits. Make sure he digests something about you before you ply him with another one. Men love mysterious women.

7. Reduce your social media presence
Too much social media will lead to overexposure. And if you want to make him miss you, you need to restrict your social media time. You don’t want him knowing what’s up with you 24/7 now, do you? You have to actually create space for him to miss you. Going on a semi social media break is another way to disappear and watch him wonder where you are.

8. Have a Signature
A signature is not just your name on a form. It’s your identity. While I am totally not talking about an autograph. What I mean here is that you need to engage his senses. For example, if you have a wonderful perfume, use it whenever you meet him. Things like these get registered in the subconscious. It will remind him of you and make him miss you even more. There are other things that can become your signature, like your laughter. Take the thing you are most complimented for and make that your mark.

9. Don’t go too fast
Giving him everything that he wants right away is the most effective way of making him feel like he has all the power in the relationship. Don’t. Make him earn your love. Make him earn your attention. The less you give him, the more that he’s going to end up wanting you. Learn to strike that balance between being withholding and being slow.

10. Be the type of women he would actually miss
When your partner is with you, laughing, enjoying your company, connecting with you, getting compliments from you, he will definitely feel pleasure with you and would want more of that. But if you are in a relationship where all he is hearing is you nagging him for every little thing that he does. Then all he is going to feel is pain and this will surely not lead him to miss you. So, to make him miss you, you need to be pleasant with him.

11. Show up with someone else
Jealousy can be a best trick. Guys are competitive and when he will see you with another man, it is going to bring the warrior in him. He would want you to spend your time with him instead with any of your male friends. After seeing you with some other men, he will be thinking of you and this will make him miss you terribly

12. Leave him wanting more

Whenever you go out with your men, always leave him wanting more of you, More kisses, hugs, fun, laughter, talks, you just have to leave him wanting more of you. You can do this simply by taking your time and having time limits with your time spent together with him.

13. Know your worth
If you want someone to miss you, show them what you’re worth. Clinging onto them and being needy isn’t showing your value. If this person is truly someone who values you, you won’t have to do much. But if he’s not that into you, you’ll never make him truly miss you.

14. Make his friends like you
The first thing you should try to do is to become a girl whom all friends of the chosen one admire. One should not underestimate the influence of the opinions of the man’s friends. The more he thinks about you, the more he will think about you.

15. Stop calling and texting him
If you will keep on texting and calling him, he won’t be able to get alone time to think of you. So, take a break from your daily phone time and wait for him to text or call you. This is important to do because when you will stop calling or texting him, he’ll wonder why and this will make him to start thinking or missing about you.

16. Highlight the fun arts of your life using social media
If you want him to miss you, you can use social media as your advantage. Update your social media feed so he can see all the fun you’re having. Guys are definitely more visual creatures so give him something good to look it and he’ll be hooked, which brings you to the next step. But make sure you do not fabricate fake posts, just be you, be fun, and be authentic.

17. Be a jolly girlfriend
Who would miss a boring girlfriend? If you’re fun to be with and you always bring smile to your guy, then definitely he will miss you when he doesn’t see you. Your cheerful and charming face will always be in his mind wherever he will go.

18. Always be that sweet, loving and caring girlfriend to him
Of course, the best thing that will be missed by guys are the extraordinary love and care that their girlfriends are giving them. If you really want your boyfriend to miss you deeply, then make him fall in love with you deeply. Always give him your tender loving care. Make him happy when he’s sad, be at his side when he needs support, nurse him when he’s sick, understand him when he makes mistakes, be faithful to him, and love him for who he really is.

19. Do what he Likes
Another ways to make your boyfriend miss you is to do what he likes. Every guy has a thing that he really likes from his girlfriend. For instance, maybe he likes a certain way you dress or tie your hair. When you meet or see him, do those things that he really likes from you. When he remembers these little moments, he will miss you.

20. Understand everything and have Respect
You need to understand that too much of everything is bad, whatever you want to do to make him or her start missing you, don’t over do it, when you have so much respect for yourself, respect will come naturally, placing respect and value on yourself will make your partner start missing you.