There are things that can make a man start thinking of leaving a girl he loves so much, some attitudes and actions can lead a man dumpling you without a reason.

Whenever you want someone stay with you forever, you have to avoid some unnecessary drama and stress towards your partner, nobody wants drama queen in his life, when a man start looking for a serious relationship one thing he’ll avoid a drama queen.
I’m not saying men are perfect, yeah nobody is perfect but that shouldn’t give you right to start acting fun and displaying unbearable attitudes towards your partner.

When a man keep trying to cope with your attitudes but you keep making more harder for him, definitely he’ll surely start testing another soup around him. Don’t be cause why your man will start thinking about testing different soups which will make him dump you without a reason.

There’s one character every a man finding hard to cope with, over complaining and nagging, many girls has lost their loved ones and someone who would have end up getting married to them because they can’t overlook what they should have overlooked. There’s time for everything, there’s time to complain about something but remember too much of anything is bad. Watch your attitude now, are you over complaining and nagging, are you finding hard to overlook things you should have overlooked, dear work on yourself to avoid loosing your love.

Deep down you want a man to love you and cherish you, truly you want a caring and understanding man but almost every day you are bitter, small issue you’re generating unnecessary drama.
Why can’t you control yourself, it takes a lot for a man to take that difficult decision ( she’s the one wanna get married to ) is not easy for men to make such decision but once you merit the crown nobody will take your place.

How much peace are you giving your man? 30% ?
Some girls know how to frustrate their man’s heart and love rather than loving them and giving him peace of mind, many men lack peace at home, that’s why many married men always stay late hours before returning home, there’s no peace and joy at home, when a man start looking for peace of mind, he’ll distance himself from a lot of things, at the end of everything you not giving him peace will be on loosing side.

One bad attitude every woman should work on – learn to forgive and forget, many girls find hard to forgive their man, whenever they forgives you, deep down they’re not forgetting it, when you’re finding hard to forgive and forget wrongs done to you surely will give you bad vibes, whenever you’re bitter, it will influence everything around you. Forgiveness is important but letting go and forgetting what happened will keep relationship clicking strong.