If you looking for how to know if your man is loyal and faithful to you, you need to read this article, you’ll learn a lot that will help your relationship and marriage. Nobody want to be fooled in a relationship.

If your man doesn’t make you a priority, dump him. Seriously. Dump him. Relationships are about equal give and take. You two are meant to support each other and care for each other. If you’re giving more to the relationship than you’re getting back, it isn’t worth your time. A real man will prioritize the important connection he has with you.

1. He doesn’t mind doing anything for you, he makes sure you are okay and safe even though it is inconvenient to him to do so because he wants to feel you are loved. If you are sick, he’ll show up with a warm soup and some of your favorite food. If you are sad, he will be a shoulder to cry on. By being there by your side through the good and especially, bad days, you’ll know he’s a loyal man. He cares about you not because he can get something from you; he truly cares about you because it makes him happy to see you smile. It makes him happy to be there for you, to be your biggest support and love. He loves you as you are, because you are perfect for him. He’s done with checking out other women because he’s found his one.

2. He has good morals, he surrounds himself with friends and mentor who helps him grow morally upright. Someone who has a good moral ascendancy would not be easily lured to temporary pleasures that might corrupt their integrity not just as a partner, but also as a person. He has good morals, prides himself on his honesty, and surrounds himself with loyal friends. Everything about him screams faithful.

3. He never freaks out when his phone lights up in front of you, because he isn’t texting back and forth with someone you would get pissed about or hiding anyone under a fake name. You could scroll through all his texts and emails (with permission) and he wouldn’t care because he has nothing to hide.

4. He never puts himself in situations where he is tempted to cheat, because you are more than enough for him and he would never want to ruin what you have.

5. He’s not selfish, Cheating is the worst kind of being selfish, so if your man decides to leave you at the last moment or ditches you when you need him the most, maybe he’s not worth it after all. If he respects your needs, if he’s there for you and gives himself completely into the relationship, he is a keeper. Your lover doesn’t flirt with anyone but you. Flirting or checking out other people is disrespectful to you, and disrespect is a step toward unfaithfulness.

6. He doesn’t have a history of cheating, Once a cheater always a cheater goes the saying and it is true in most cases that a person with a history of cheating would indeed cheat again. It’s like an addiction for a lot of them, if not all of them, and you may need to be wary.
However, if he does not have a history of cheating, which would soon become clear to you, then there is a good chance that he is indeed a one-woman guy and would not cheat on you either. If he had to, he would have already found means to do it.

7. Your own instinct and observation, when everything is said and done, the choice would remain with you. More than anything else, it is your instinct which would tell you if you can trust him or not. And there would be a positive vibe about him which would help you understand. Further, his actions would be a better indicator than his words and as you spend more and more time with him, you would be able to observe if he walks his talk. If he does, then there is an extremely good chance that you can indeed trust him and he is a keeper.

8. They have cut all ties with previous lovers, they understand that they can’t really have a fruitful and sustainable relationship with you unless they break away from their previous relationships. That’s why they always make it a point to cut (or at the very least, minimize) the ties that they have with their ex. They do so not because they are carrying any ill feelings towards their exes. They do so only out of respect for you.

9. He’s more interested in you than other women, All men will tell you they don’t find other women attractive. It’s a lie. Your man shouldn’t feel ashamed to notice other women, but he should handle that attraction appropriately. He shouldn’t even think about acting on it. He should also go out of his way to make sure you feel special, loved, and secure. If you get anxious or jealous about your man being around other women, try bringing it up in a calm conversation. Don’t bring it up while you’re feeling upset or anxious. It’s important to set boundaries in a relationship so everyone feels comfortable. You and your partner can work out your relationship dynamic to make sure you’re happy.

10. He never takes you for granted, You are really very special for him and he always tries to spend more time with you.

11. The way he looks at you makes your heart melt. It doesn’t have to be words and he doesn’t even have to do anything. The way he looks at you will tell you that you are the love of his life, and no one else. Being the windows to the soul, the eyes cannot lie and if ever you’re starting to doubt him, just look at him and you’ll find your answer.

12. He keeps his promises,the last and most important sign that he is always committed to you and he is the man of his words. He never breaks his promises.