How to know whether your EX still love you.

Ex is Ex, past is past but some people find hard to let go of their ex, many people claim they find hard to forget their ex. Ex lover should remain ex if you in another relationship, not right you still mingling deeply with your Ex when someone you in a relationship loves you so much. Nobody want to see someone they loves so much going back to ex, if you done with your past – let your past remain your past relationships.

Not about wanting your Ex back, the person you wanting back – does he or she want you back for real, I don’t believe in second chances but some people deserve second chance.
You have to understand that someone break up with you for some reasons, have the problem resolved. You have to think about everything.

1. They are willing to try things you like
They’re ready to change or stop whatever cause the break up. If changing their ways will make the love back to normal, they’re willing to grow up.

2. He’s still in touch
Are you guys still texting and calling each other just like old times? Does he call to check on you and ask how your day was? He probably misses you and is not over you. But if he’s cut off all contact, he doesn’t want to stay in touch at all. It’s over. If he avoids going to places where you might be, even places where he would typically want to go to, he is trying hard to ensure that the two of you have no reason to connect again.

3. He’s still invested in your life
Remaining curious in the events of your life after a break up is definitely evidence that he’s not past it. It’s hard enough to dull the pain without reminding yourself about that person every two minutes. No one interested in moving on would keep coming back to their ex’s life.

4. He’s not returning your things
Many gifts and items were probably exchanged in the cause of the relationship. Do you still have a lot of your ex boyfriend’s belongings? Is he dragging his feet tying up the loose ends? If your ex is not completely over you, he will choose not to retrieve his things so that he can have an excuse to come for them at another time. As long as there are items that belong to him in your house, the two of you will always have unfinished business.
He also returned your things and asked you to return his. If your ex-boyfriend gave you back all your things, and returned your gifts after the breakup, and collected his items, this is his way of telling you that he is serious about moving on. If everything has been returned to their rightful owners, no business has been left unfinished and he is ready to move on.

5. He shows strong emotions when It comes to you
The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. A guy who doesn’t have feelings for you anymore doesn’t have strong emotional reactions when it comes to you and what you’ve been doing. He’s just OK with whatever. If he has strong emotional reactions to you, it’s because he still has feelings for you.

6. Trying to make you jealous
Another way to know if your ex still loves you is if they’re uncharacteristically active on social media, and posting pictures that are clearly aimed to make you jealous. Be careful with this though; If it’s a picture with a friend from work, it might not mean that they’re trying to make you jealous. But if it’s some hot person in a club. Well, they might just be trying to get your attention.

7. He’s your number one fan on social media
An ex who’s keeping his distance will refrain from “liking” all your posts. An interested one, on the other hand, will make sure you know he’s seeing and digging all your latest adventures and selfies.

8. He can’t resist contacting you
After a break up, many people initiate a zero contact rule. Even if just for the first little while, it’s easier to move on when you don’t talk to that person anymore. If he’s unable to stop contacting you, he’s having a hard time following through with the separation.

9. They ask about getting back together
If your ex tells you they want to get back together or if they agree to getting back together after you ask them about it, then I want to congratulate you on your new relationship.
But I also want to warn you. A lot of couples who get back together, breakup again shortly after the reconciliation. And they do it because they never learn from their mistakes and don’t build a strong foundation to their new relationship. If you and your ex are getting back together, focus on being honest, vulnerable and communicating properly.

10. Your Ex calls you a lot
If you and your ex just broke up, and your ex is calling you a lot, it’s a strong sign that they still have feelings for you and that they love you. But this does not necessarily mean that they want to get back together.
What does it mean when your ex keeps calling you even after the breakup?

It could be that your ex just misses you and cares for your well-being. It could be that they are so used to speaking to you every day, that they don’t know what to do without speaking to you.

The fact that your ex-boyfriend is calling you after the breakup does not really mean much other than what I said above. Yes, they may be thinking about getting back together, but it’s too soon to tell what he is thinking and whether or not you have a good chance of getting back together. There are simply too many factors at play after a breakup.

A lot of people misinterpret this as a great sign that your ex wants you back, but in reality, it is not.

11. They keep blocking and unblocking you for no reason.
It makes sense if your ex blocks you because you kept texting them or calling them all the time. It makes sense if they blocked you because you crossed some sort of boundary.

But what if your ex blocks you all of a sudden for no reason.
What does it mean? More importantly, is it a good sign?
You will be glad to know that this is not really a bad sign. In fact, if your ex blocks or unblocks you for no reason at all, it means they are struggling with the breakup. They are most likely blocking you to stop themselves from calling you or to stop looking at your social media profiles.

They are trying to move on from you or they are trying to get some space for themselves. Maybe they are trying to do the no contact rule so they can heal from the breakup. The fact that they are trying so hard means it is hard for them. And that means they have strong feelings for you.

Now, just because they are trying to move on from you does not mean you don’t have a chance of getting back together. Please don’t panic and start making every mistake in the book. Be patient and keep doing your own thing. Give them the space they need. Healing from the breakup is a good thing. For both of you. And you still have a chance at getting them back in the future.

12. They post pictures on Social Media with their new partner
If your ex is constantly posting pictures on social media about their new relationship, then it’s most likely done to get a reaction out of you or to make you jealous. This is immature and insensitive to your feelings. So most people who are serious about moving on will not do this. If your ex does this, then all of this is a game to them and they are trying to win it by showing you that they are doing better than you.

In reality though, the very fact that they are doing this means that they are actually miserable inside and are probably in denial. They are trying to convince themselves, their friends and you that they are doing great in their new relationship. But since it’s a rebound, it’s as empty as their heart is without you.

If your ex is doing this, your best course of action is to ignore them and do no contact. Focus on yourself, heal, grow and become a better version of yourself while your ex is playing games and are in denial of their true feelings. By the time their rebound ends, you will already be far ahead of them when it comes to growth and healing and they will be really attracted to the new you who is full of confidence and wisdom.