Love comes naturally, when someone makes their mind to love, they’ll love with all their heart, they’ll care and respect you, best part of it – they’ll care about you and value everything about you.

Sometimes we love those who doesn’t love us, we did everything for them but got cheated on, beating up and taking for granted.
True love will always be true love, who loves you will continue loving you if they really want to continue loving you, don’t be fooled about fake love and empty promises and fake apology without any remorse or changes.

1. They’re will stop doing right things at right time, they’ll do things when convenient for them, their priorities what matters to them, deep down you know they don’t care about your feelings and emotions.

2. They’ll keep doing what piss you off, even when they provokes you or offend you, sometimes they’ll apologize without remorse, they will keep repeating the same thing again and again. Deep down you’re tired of their apology because they won’t stop committing the same offenses, sometimes that your partner doesn’t love you as they claimed.

3. Each time you think about the relationship, their actions towards you, you’ll be asking yourself ” is he / she really enjoy hurting me ” when you find yourself in such situations, some thing is wrong.

4. They keep cheating on you without remorse, nobody wants a cheater, if your partner keep cheating on you ( dating ) something is wrong, they don’t love you, be careful with your decision, if you can’t cope with a cheater, don’t marry him, some people find hard to stop cheating, there’s big chance they’ll continue cheating in marriage, remember mistake someone will make in relationship believing their cheating partner will stop in marriage, worst part of it believing you can change your cheating partner, fact is you can’t change anyone.

5. They will always disrespect you, lie to you, abuse you, sometimes they will beat you up, everything you’re doing for them, they don’t appreciate it. Things are not working even as you keep doing everything possible to make it works. The relationship looks like you’re loving yourself, you are dating yourself, everything is just you.

6. Fact is – when you’re forcing someone to love you, when someone is taking advantage of you or taking you for granted, don’t need someone to tell you, he or she doesn’t love you.