When someone doesn’t love you and you want to disconnect yourself from them, you have to work on it.

Whether you like it or not, true love still exist, if you find yourself loving who doesn’t love you and you are finding hard to let go or disconnect the feeling having for him / her.

You need to read this article, I want you know that nothing is impossible once you made up your mind about it, the problem of people not deeply making up their mind when they truly want to move on.

Yeah, they treated you badly, cheated on you, beats you up, abuse you, taken your care and love for granted, everything you’re doing for them no appreciation, you have find out they don’t really love you, yeah you are mad, fed up and ready to move on, the question is – do you really want to move on.

Sometimes people will claim they’re tired and ready to move on but ordinary I love you please forgive me, I will change from now, the apology will take them back into the relationship. They’ll forgive and forget but later got hurt again and again.
If you haven’t deeply make up your mind, you’ll never be able to move on or forget about the person. Feeling is a strong thing can deceive you and make you believe you are in love.

Worst decision in life believing someone who keep hurting you will change in future, what if person did not change, can you endured it. Be careful about your decision when come to your happiness today, tomorrow and future.

If you want to disconnect yourself from someone who doesn’t love you, simply make up your mind, then remembered you having been living your life alone before you start dating him, tell yourself can live without him and execute it – each time you start thinking about them or feeling depressed, from your deep heart start reminding yourself every bad thing the person did to you.

Tell yourself why must continue thinking about who cheating on me, messing up and abusing me, use those things they did to you to recode the feeling, listen that feelings was created by you in your deep heart, you can disconnect it if you ready to work on it. If you can keep reminding yourself the betrays from your deep heart, before you know those feelings you think you can’t disconnect will start diminishing, within a little while you’ll move on.

Remember what I said ” Those feelings are created by you in your deep heart, you can disconnect it ” the feeling did not come until you start liking him and start thinking about him and placing a lot of expectations, now all depends on you if want to disconnect it, you can easily do it.

Life and love involve decision, if you can’t decide whether to continue or to let go, you can’t move on, only way you can move by accepting is over and stand on it, whether they come back begging, if deep down you still considering the person you won’t be able to let go.

If you love someone and the person doesn’t love you, if you can cope with it, you’ve right to continue the relationship but you know you can’t cope and endure everything, face the reality, accept the situation and make up your mind about it, without deciding you’ll still stuck in it.