Loving a wrong person attract consequences, loving a pretender who doesn’t love you means your heart already broken without you knowing about it. Pretenders are cause why people keep saying all men/women are the same.

They’re wicked people who don’t have human sympathy. They only think about their happiness not their partner happiness. They have realize caring and being romantic is what almost everybody want in a relationship. They know how to care and pamper their lover just because they’re seeking for something. Pretenders know how to deceive people. They always look innocent and gentle.

when a woman come across them she will surely fell for their tricks. This world is full of fake people.

Many people are fake lovers, they’re only after material things, money and s e x.
They don’t have good intention in their heart but in outlook you will think they really have good plans for you. Wicked people with wicked heart, they are the cause of what we are experiencing in relationship today.

Fake people know how to promise heaven on earth but don’t know how to keep the promises.
The truth is pretenders know how to care and deceive women that’s why when particular dude don’t love a girl but she will find hard to let him go.

Pretenders have sweet mouth and always know how to say sorry but keep repeating the same mistakes. They’re fake people with fake heart.
They’re wicked people who only gives fake smile and fake love.

Everything about them are fake because they’ll keep buying gifts to continue gambling with your precious heart. Fake world, vanity, fake people, wickedness and liars always around us.
Be careful in everything you’re doing.
Be careful who you’re giving your heart to love.

1. Everything he says and does is s e x u a l, Your texts, calls, and chats always have that s e x u a l overtone. Even his gifts spell s e x. How do you know if a guy is serious or is just playing with you?
As I always said – don’t watch his words, watch his actions towards you.

2. In relationship when he’s never there when you need him emotionally. When you just need someone to talk to about your problems, he’s never there. He’s always busy, or doing something else, or simply uninterested.

3. If a person claims to never get mad or upset about things then they’re fake.
Why? Because fake people have zero emotions. Real people get mad and upset and feel passion or get pissed off, and nobody is 100% happy and smiling all the time.

4. If a person is perpetually unavailable, or you constantly feel like they’re ignoring you, you’re probably right and that person is fake. If a person talks about you behind your back. Of course, if you’re talking to them face to face it’s hard to know that they’re talking about you specifically. But if they spend a lot of time gossiping to you about other people, it’s not a coincidence.

5. Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the same issues over and over again, with no sign of a clear resolution? If you find yourself in this place, this is a sign that you’re not content in your relationship and may even be carrying unresolved feelings from previous relationships. This warning sign shouldn’t be ignored.

6. If your girlfriend does whatever she pleases without thinking about your or other people’s feelings then she’s fake. She would go out with her friends without caring about you. She might even stay quiet when she’s out with someone else behind your back.

7. They’re emotionally distant, In a relationship, fakers have a tendency to be non communicative. They’ll provide little to no substance to what’s going on in their life. They’ll also make excuses why they “couldn’t” communicate especially when it is a little difficult to do so.
The difference between them and someone with genuine love for you is the extra effort needed to reach out when it’s not so easy. The difference between them and someone with genuine love for you is the extra effort needed to reach out when it’s not so easy.