If you want your relationship to be strong and last forever, there are things you need to apply in your relationship.

Relationship comes with different dimensions and you’ve to take care of your relationship or your relationship will failed, when spouses want their relationship to last long nothing will stop it.

Don’t mess your relationship up with your arrogant and irresponsible behaviors, there are simple things you need to do, it’s a must in a relationship.

1. Love is important in a relationship. You need love and understanding, love gave by man it is received by the wife. Submission is given by a wife it is duly accepted by the husband. Love from the man and submission from the wife breeds respect from both husband and wife and towards unity. Don’t take advantage of your partner, love them for real, don’t hold back in doing right things. When you have taken decision to love someone, love them deeply and passionately, take care of each other and then watch everything moving perfectly.

2. Respect your partner, Love and submission brings respect from both spouse.
For example when a husband that love gives an order and the wife see that it that the order is not so good, she may bring in her opinion in meekness and with humbleness, the husband will listen to her with love and they will solve it together with mutual respect.
Let mutual respect exist between two of you, don’t embrace one side respect.
Mutual respect is from both ends (husband and wife) which brings unity.
One sided respect is from one end (either husband or wife) which brings enduring.

3. Make sure you submit to your lover, submission – is obedience to an order, surrendering to a saying, in total meekness and humbleness without puffing up or side complain. A submissive wife will obey her husband’s will, that is not to say she cannot disagree with him or that she cannot express her opinion.

Submission comes from the wife after the man has laid down the foundation for love towards his wife.

Submission comes naturally when the husband love his wife like Christ love the church. When the husband love his wife dearly by word and in action then watch if the wife won’t give in the spirit of submissiveness naturally.

A forced submission is when the husband failed to show love. Then a good wife (only a good and virtuous wife will give submission at this level) will force out submission towards the husband in spite of no love received from him. And in such cases respect is not reciprocal because the husband will act as a boss demanding respect from the junior staff, his wife.

Respect suppose to be mutual but in this case of force submission from the wife, it is only the wife that will respect her husband because a husband that does not show love to his wife will never respect that woman.

May this not be our portion dearly single and intended.