At Bupa care homes, our main priority is to provide top-notch nursing and residential specialist care to various people in the UK. Our amazing teams and specialist always work tirelessly to ensure and help people live longer, healthier, and even happy.

We help make lives even better, we always inspire and support our staff to put our residents’ wellbeing in everything they do.


Coordinates daily laundry services with nursing services when performing routine assignments in resident living areas.

Ensures that work, cleaning schedules are followed as closely as practical.

Maintain linen stocks for day to day use and raise any issues to the Senior Housekeeper as you go;

Maintain inventory of all cleaning supplies and communicate needs to general manager;

Perform additional laundry services when necessary;

Maintaining all laundry equipment and inform the facilities manager as to any maintenance needs.

A laundry assistant should possess:

1. Good observation skills and attention to detail

2. Ability to enjoy practical work

3. Normal color vision

4. A reasonable level of fitness

5. Good time management skills.