You need to have a serious talk about him ignoring you, because that is emotional relationship abuse and should not be taken lightly. Be at peace with yourself, give him space. When he reaches out to you be honest about how you feel.

If they are cheating on you, if they are ignoring you because they are seeing someone else and you are no more their priority, it’s time to move on. Leave, it is about self-respect. However, before making any decision, be certain of things.

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions when it comes to a guy’s behavior. Take a look at context clues surrounding the time he started ignoring you, and you might realize it’s not as bad as you think. Remember that what may seem to be him ignoring you may actually be something else. Any reasons why your boyfriend would have ignored you for that long are irrelevant at this point; he’s shown he’s not relationship material for you.

Be honest about your desire for more attention and discuss ways that you can improve in this area. Keep in mind that it takes time for people to develop new habits so don’t be discouraged or think that your relationship can’t be improved if you do not see the kind of results that you want immediately. If despite continued efforts, you don’t see the kind of change that you feel is acceptable, you want to think about whether your boyfriend is a good match for you.

Tell him you’d like him to pay more attention to you. Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship. Is he ignoring you more than usual? Is he ignoring you for something specific? Is he ignoring you because he’s preoccupied with something? Maybe he’d like to talk about it, and especially to you, but he doesn’t know how to communicate. I’d be happy to talk to you more on this.

Go on about your own business, treat yourself like you would your best friend and do things that you enjoy. Men need a lot of space. When he inevitably comes back wanting your attention, explain calmly but assertively the way you feel when he acts that way.

Take a step back and try to see things through his perspective. He could very well have a lot of other things going on in his life that require his immediate attention. His world does not revolve around you, and your world should not revolve around him.

If they are cheating on you, if they are ignoring you because they are seeing someone else and you are no more their priority, it’s time to move on. Leave, it is about self respect. However, before making any decision, be certain of things. Once you can’t cope with their cheating you have right to quit the relationship.

Compromises are always a good thing but do not let them think that you do not have your own life. A man likes nothing better than an independent woman, who can also include him in her busy schedules.

The point is – men are simple, if you hunt them, they will run away. If you turn your back on them, they come to you by themselves. If you believe that he does not give you as much as you give him, you should think twice about whether this relationship is right for you. Is that what you want? It’s not a good idea to invest a lot in a person who does not invest that much in you. That’s why you should not give more than he gives you. You should take care of each other in the same way and give each other the same time and attention.

Try to give him some space. Maybe there is something that he needs to work on and figure out on his own. Don’t try to force yourself on him, it will not help that matter.

The best thing to do in this kind of scenario is to be calm, cool, and collected; don’t let it get to you too much. Keep positive and stay firm with yourself, don’t show defeat or become too apprehensive; don’t hound him, just text here and there and let him know that you hope he is doing ok, that you are missing him, that you are a bit concerned, but don’t over do it. It’s important to keep in touch, despite the fact that he may be ignoring you, do not make any kinds of irrational threats towards him, and if he continues to ignore you, then let the situation settle as it may. Show a bit of concern, make an impression, try, and then let time do what it may.