How to know your lover already losing interest in the relationship.

It’s hurt seeing your beautiful relationship collapsing – you never pray for such to happened but your beautiful relationship dying slowly. She was sweet in the beginning, he was was sweet in the beginning but suddenly things start changing – definitely you didn’t do anything wrong to them but things are falling apart.

You can’t comprehend what went wrong between the two of you.

1. YOUR LOVER HAS STOPPED CALLING YOU OR INITIATING TEXT MESSAGES I don’t believe someone can be 24/7 busy – if your partner stop calling you – something may be wrong – once your partner not broke or having serious issues – they’re just losing interest in the relationship. He stop initiating text messages from you – if such attitude continue happening in long time, your partner feeling falling apart, lack of interest.

2. YOUR LOVER BECOMING SELFISH When someone truly love you – they’ll care you and your happiness. When you notice they only care about their life, they don’t care how you feel – they don’t care about your life – they don’t care how their actions hurts you, it sending strong message to you – your partner is losing interest. Being selfish about everything in a relationship not a good sign in anything about the union.

3. YOUR PARTNER DON’T HAVE YOUR TIME ANYMORE Obviously you may not count this sign beginning of everything but soon you will realise your partner ignoring you because they don’t want to stay with you. Every effort you making to meet him, he declining it. When someone you love so much not having your time anymore – there’s big chance they losing interest in the relationship.

4. YOUR PARTNER HAS STOPPED INCLUDING YOU IN HIS LIFE THINGS It hurts seeing this happening in a relationship you have valued and putting a lot of effort make the relationship work. Your partner stopped planning fun time with you, he prefers others than you. When someone start acting such ways – look deep something may be going on.

5. LACK OF COMMITMENT AND FUTURE PLAN WITH YOU No commitment anymore, everything stop suddenly – no passion – no love – no click of relationship with you and him. A lot happening and you can’t figure out what went wrong. Without commitment relationship cannot last, if you notice lack of commitment – there’s problem.

6. YOUR PARTNER HAS START DISRESPECTING YOU Someone that respect you a lot, start disrespecting you, humiliating you and talking to you anyhow – something is wrong in the relationship. She can’t just wake up start disrespecting you – something has happened. Such attitude means many things and one of them – losing interest.

7. YOUR PARTNER START REDUCING INTIMACY Your romantic partner suddenly start caring less about everything, kiss and hug stop happening, even good night kiss stop happening, something is wrong, someone is losing interest about the relationship. When someone stop intimacy with you – especially they always like doing with you – something is wrong.

8. THEY WILL STOPS RETURNING YOUR CALLS I don’t need to explain much about this because if someone truly love you – she has card in her phone – always not returning your calls and texts, not a good sign – something seem not right – we talking about your lover not someone you still asking out.

9. THEY START REGRETTING A LOT ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP It’s sign someone not happy in the relationship – your partner suddenly start regretting a lot about you, they start complaining and nagging – they’re losing interest in the relationship.

10. YOUR PARTNER START DESIRING SOMEONE ELSE If you with your partner, the way she looking at other people – she desiring someone else in your face that’s bad sign.

11. YOUR PARTNER BECOMING DEFENSIVE AND RUDE Suddenly your sweet romantic man start shouting at you, abusing you and treating you badly. Some things don’t just happen in a relationship – definitely something totally wrong. Beautiful relationship don’t die off like that – someone losing interest in the relationship.

12. DISPLAYING I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE I know nobody is perfect but when your partner displaying I don’t care attitude that’s a bad thing – she doesn’t care whether you happy or sad – they don’t care if what they said hurt you – they don’t care about your feelings and emotions anymore. Everything about you – your partner don’t care – that’s lack of interest – someone has start losing interest in the relationship.

13. THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR LIFE They don’t want to know what’s going on in your life anymore – your partner stop asking questions, he stop asking about your day, how work – your partner doesn’t care your future plans anymore. This things are happening because someone losing interest in the relationship.