How to know you dating for wrong reasons. Dating someone who loves you means a lot – you’ll be treated how you deserve to be loved. Some people date for good reasons and others date for bad reasons.

Love is beautiful thing especially when you dating for right reasons but when you dating for wrong reasons outcome always horrible. Loving a wrong person attract consequences – when you choosing to love – choose wisely to avoid being treated badly. Relationship comes with excitement and anticipation of emotional intimacy which can destroy you or shape your love life for better future and happy home. If you want to date – date because you want to be in relationship with someone for serious relationship which lead to marriage. We have to focus on the topic ” How to know you dating for wrong reasons ”

1. DATING FOR FUN Worst thing to do dating for fun – hit and run – that’s a lot of consequences. When you going into relationship just to hang out, catch fun and enjoy yourself – you’re dating for wrong reason – dating not about fun. You need to have right mentality and date for right reasons for good outcomes.

2. DATING OUT OF LONELINESS Many girls always find themselves in such situation – out of loneliness lead some ladies being with guys not even their type – men who not on their level – bad men who treat them badly. In a relationship – being with someone out of loneliness can curse heart break and being treated badly.

3. DATING FOR MATERIAL THINGS Love for material things has landed many girls into wrong relationship. Love for material things makes a lot of women dating guys who can offer them – Android Phone – iPhone – clothes and shoes. Some girls date to get material things.

4. DATING FOR REVENGE Out of heartbreak – many people has falling a victim of dating for revenge. Dating his friends – colleagues – totally not good.

5. DATING FOR S E X I don’t need to explain much about this, s e x urge had lead many men looking for girls to date for fun, some married men and women date for s e x once not getting satisfied – they start dating for fun and s e x, dating young girls and boys – those who accepts to date married men and women are dating for wrong reason.

6. DON’T WANT TO BE LEFT OUT Being single and being mock leading some ladies and gentlemen dating for wrong reasons – mocking out of being single make some people engage in a relationship just for the status ” in a relationship ” when you not ready for relationship and going into it – you can’t give your best – such relationship will collapse.

7. OBEYING FAMILY MEMBERS Pleasure from parents and family members can lead one dating for wrong reasons – once there’s a pleasure for you to bring a man or woman home for marriage – pleasure will lead you into wrong arms – a lot of heartbreaks.

8. LISTENING TO THE WORLD Is like a tradition everyone must have boyfriend and girlfriend, the world has been making a lot of women engaging in a relationship even when they’re not ready for commitment.

9. DATING FOR HELP Many people this days – dating for help they can get from their partner, many people are dating for material things, money and help they’ll be getting from whoever they’re in a relationship with – when you dating for such reason – you exposing yourself for attacks – disease and heartbreak.

10. TIRED OF BEING SINGLE Being tired of being single – going into relationship with someone with such mood will backfire. Date someone because you want to build relationship that will lead to marriage, date someone will grow old with – date someone you’ll make family with – father of your kids. Don’t date for wrong reasons, date for right reason. Don’t jump into relationship because you tired of being single.

11. BAD INTENTIONS If you having intentions going into relationship, being with someone out playing with their feelings, emotions and heart. Love should be able to make each other laugh so hard. Dating someone whereby you with them for fun, you dating them without any reason but fun. Dating someone to collect money, dating someone to get opportunities and dating someone because you bored – being with someone with such intentions are bad. Imagine if she’s in love with you – and you being with her such intentions.