Be careful of pretenders and deceivers, some people will come into your life with wrong intentions. Dating someone who loves you means a lot but if you can work together to make your relationship work.

Being in a relationship with right person can yield a lot of things, loving the right person means you will be happy and proud of your partner. Love comes with a lot of challenges but when there’s love you can overcome the relationship issues because nobody is perfect.

Is not about loving the right person but dating for right reasons what matters, when you dating the right person with wrong reasons you can lose the right person since you not ready for commitment and serious relationship. These are how to know he’s the right man for you:

1. When a man is the right one, he will treat you with respect, honour you and adore you because he’s not dating you for fun, he’s dating you for serious relationship and marriage.

2. The man will support you financially and other things, he will support your career and make your dreams come true.

3. When a man he’s the one for you, caring for you will become his top priority, he will like to see you smile, he will do everything possible to see you happy.

4. Real men understands a woman opinion matters in a relationship, a man who truly love his woman will listen to his woman opinion. When he’s a wrong man whatever you said doesn’t make sense to him.

5. When you are dating the right man, even if he’s not ready for marriage and commitment, you’ll see him making effort to get ready to marry you.

6. No keeping malice, he forgive you and forget about the offense, he understands you not perfect, he will be ready to forgive you because he’s loves you and doesn’t want little misunderstanding to destroy the relationship.

7. Right man for you will adjust to your life, he will compromise and adapt to your life to be with you, when a man is in love with you he will not leave you because of your flaws, he will try to adjust and make sure everything become easy.

8. Many guys are cheats but not all men cheats, a man who truly in love with you will not cheat on you. When you with right person, being faithful and loyal to you will be as easier as ABCD, he will love you and stay with you forever.

9. When you dating a right man, anything called playing games is prohibited, right man want serious relationship, right man want commitment, right man want peace of mind and happiness. He will respect you and give you peace of mind.

10. Right man is the man who want to take the relationship to next level, he will plan to settle down, he will do everything possible to marry you, he will understand you, he will appreciate you, he will take care of you, he won’t take your love for granted, he will give you permanent love by committing to you, right man is not a pretender – he’s a man of integrity and honesty, right man for you not a cheater, not a liars and not heart breaker.