How to avoid loving someone who will cheat on you.

Dating a man you desired can be amazing, sometimes dating such a man can deny you happiness especially when you dating a wrong man. Loving someone doesn’t guarantee they’ll not cheat on you, anyone can cheat.

I have come to realize human being can easily cheat if they want to cheat but shocking thing about cheating is that who doesn’t want to cheat on you, will not cheat on you. The fact about cheating shows who want to cheat will definitely cheat on you.

Many married Women / Men end up with a cheater, many people in marriage are regretting not taken good decision they should have taken when they’re dating, as a single lady reading this post, don’t be naive with someone attitude towards you in dating. If he / she can cheat during dating, they’ll continue cheating in marriage there’s no remorse about their attitudes. Worst mistake many married people made believing they’ll change their partner in marriage, some believe their partner will change in marriage, too bad – things turn out worst than expected.

Cheating is one thing you shouldn’t joke with – if someone cheating on you and they don’t want to change once everything still dating, you have 100% right to quit the relationship once you can’t cope with it. Stop believing your partner who keep promising he gonna change, she will stop her bad attitude but they’re not stopping them, think about your happiness and kids, such person who you really want to end up with.

I will advice you today – if you want to avoid cheating man / woman in marriage, stop believing everyone cheats, not everyone that cheats, we still have good faithful lover’s in this world, you have to change your mentality, once keep believing everyone cheat you gonna end up with one. Not everyone that cheats, stop enduring his cheating habit, some men don’t cheat.

You have to ask yourself some questions if your partner you dating cheating on you. 1. Does he loves me? 2. Can she change for good? 3. What if person did not change? 4. Can I cope with this cheating habit in next 50years plus of my life in marriage? 5. Am I ready for divorce? 6. If he continues cheating and divorce him, can our kids cope? 7. What if got infected with diseases? 8. Is cheating husband /wife what wanted? 9. Can I cope with the drama and emotional wreck of feeling not OK that’s why my lover cheating on me? 10. If partner truly love me, she won’t cheat? ETC

You have to comprehend taking wrong decision means you selling your happiness and your kids happiness, cheaters hardly change, if you with someone who cheating in her blood – run now – unless you ready to cope and endure everything about it.

Don’t marry someone who keep cheating on you and stop believing everyone cheats, not everyone that cheats, we still have good faithful lover’s, watch their characters before getting married to anyone, marriage is not boyfriend and girlfriend relationship have to be prepared for it.

Marriage comes with a lot of vibes both good and bad, not about good vibes you getting in dating – do you trust and believe the person you committing to, marriage is a serious commitment. Is your lover ready for this commitment, Have you guys make up your mind to settle down and love each with that decision of doing everything possible to make the union work.

Stop dating someone who cheating on you, stop dating someone who has more lovers telling you – Na you love baby – stop dating that person, he doesn’t love you.

A cheater always a cheater, if you failed to stop someone cheating on you in dating, forget it you can’t stop them in marriage. If your partner truly Love You, they should stop seeing other person, how can you believe your partner loves when they can’t choose you – use your brain and head.

Stop building your unhappiness with someone by fighting with other girls, okay – you want him to choose you what will happen in marriage, your partner will continue playing with your love and heart, taking your love for granted surely he will continue in marriage.