This article for men and women, love doesn’t hurt, what hurts the most loving someone who doesn’t love you, those people who doesn’t love you, those people who treats you badly, those people who takes your love for granted are those that hurts you not love.

In as much as men don’t like to admit it, a lot of men are hurting because of women. Men deal with pain very badly because society tends to not allow them to accept their emotions. When you don’t accept your emotions, you won’t be able to handle your emotions. In fact, for many men, their ego is actually a defense mechanism. They put this tough exterior and don’t allow a woman deeper in to protect themselves.

There are those men who once deeply fell in love with a woman and did everything for her, only for her to dump him. Such a man, if he doesn’t heal, ends up being heartless to the women he will meet after that woman he loved but couldn’t have. He will use and care less for women to revenge.

There are those men who pursued a woman with great expectations, only for that woman to dump him or reject him because he didn’t have so much money, such a man, if he doesn’t heal, he will join other broken hearted and broke men singing the song “All women are gold diggers”, failing to see the women who are not after money.

There are men who get angry at everyone at work, on the road, in the neighbourhood, even with the children because at home he has a wife who has a stinging tongue and puts pressure on him. He dreads to be around her, perhaps even regretting why he married her.

There are some men who used to be kind hearted and treating the wife well but after a long period of being taken advantage of by the wife, he becomes mean and insensitive because he doesn’t want to allow her to have the space to take advantage of him. Such men drastically change. They got married as good men only to switch completely to become heartless.

Men also struggle with the pain of knowing that their woman is sleeping with or entertaining another man. Men who go through this pain easily lose their emotional balance and can become irrational. Some never recover and it leads to mistreatment, violence, a bitter divorce or the man becoming promiscuous to pay back. A healed man will however pick himself up from this without allowing the woman who hurt him to define him.

So many men are suffering in silence because of a woman in their life whether past or present, and when a man doesn’t know how to handle his pain, he uses his penis power, financial power, muscle power or his professional position as a man to hurt others.

Ladies, in as much as you want to be taken care of, take care of men too. Men also have feelings and fears. And to you gentlemen, not every woman will accept you, treat you well and with respect; please don’t allow a woman to turn you into a monster because of the pain she brings you. Don’t allow her to bruise you so bad, that you bruise other women and your own children.

Just because another girl treated you badly does not mean all women are bad, forget your past, forgive those that hurt you, forgive those that taken advantage of you, non matter what happens life goes on, you need to face reality of life and understand some days are like that. Let other women not suffer for another woman sins.