Don’t lose these type of Girls or you’ll regret it. Some girls are special, caring, romantic and generous, don’t leave a girl who has a pure heart and soul. Not every woman you dump is her lost, some girls if you lose them, you’ll hurt forever for losing such a woman who loves you with all her heart.

Don’t leave the girl who opened her heart to you for a girl who opened her legs for you. A real man would never do that. A real man would never give in to such temptation. A real man would never get involved with another girl while already being involved with a girl already. Trust me, it isn’t worth it, bro.

You should never leave a girl who understands you – a woman who can sacrifice everything for love, when a woman understand everything about you, she’ll give you happiness and happy home. Bro don’t leave a woman who loves you.

It isn’t worth losing the girl who chose you to share her life with over a girl who chose to sleep with you for the night. It isn’t worth losing the girl who knows you better than anyone else does over a girl who barely knows you well enough to let you hit it. It isn’t worth losing the girl who loves you more than anything else over a girl who only wants you for now and wouldn’t want you later on. Don’t let these prostitutes make you lose sight of what’s important, or else you will regret losing the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Respect is very important in a relationship, losing someone who respect you is like trashing your server without back up. Being in a relationship with a girl who respect you as a man, she will love you unconditionally. Don’t lose any woman who respect you.

She truly in love with you, she’s supporting you and helping you in everything she possible can offer, I know she doesn’t have much but bro respect and value a woman who offer you all she can afford, she’s supporting you from her deep heart, she’s doing everything for you because she knows you guys can have beautiful family together, don’t take her for granted, don’t leave her non matter what’s happening, remember if she has the world she will offer you the world, don’t lose a woman who offer you little she can afford.

Worst mistake in life losing a faithful and loyal person. If someone truly love you and loyal to you – be careful – don’t break their heart, don’t make her regret loving you, don’t cheat on her. Losing someone loyal will hurt you forever. You have to learn to value what you have – love and cherish your faithful partner.

Don’t take her for granted, don’t lose a wife material who can take care of your home and kids, if you are in a relationship with someone who has every attributes you needed in a marriage, don’t mess it up – losing a good wife for unnecessary bad behavior not good. Treasure what God gave you to handle, handle her with respect and love, love and appreciate her.

Sometimes we love a person beyond imagination and we aren’t sure why. To be truthful, you don’t really need a reason. If you love her and can’t imagine your life without her, then don’t allow yourself to lose her. If she means that much to you, then understand that she means that much to you. Too often people don’t realize what the other person means to them until they lose them. We always think that there will be another chance, that it’s possible that the two of you will one day reconnect. Maybe. But the opposite is also true. You may have lost her forever. You may suffer for years and years because you let go of the most important thing in your life. Don’t take the risk.

Every man needs a smarter woman to help him get through life in one piece. They say that behind every great man is a greater woman – they aren’t lying. Without woman, man is little more than an ego trip.

Being in a relationship with a smart woman can be great, when a smarter woman entered into your life and suddenly that ego has a purpose, a direction, and the wisdom not to screw everything up.

Don’t lose a woman who ready to make sacrifices for you. She’s ready to compromise everything for you and the relationship. Gonna be very stupid decisions to let go someone who endure so much about you. Not loving back to someone who is sacrificing her happiness for you can make her dump you. Value what you have – don’t lose your precious golden babe.

Don’t lose a man who inspire you to become a better man, when a man has someone who motivate him daily to hustle and work hard, the man will become a legend, a woman can build a man or destroy a man, if you have someone who only want the best for you in good ways, don’t let her go. Don’t lose a woman who want the best for you.

Sometimes in a man’s life, he gonna experience difficult situations. Bro if you have a woman supported when you have nothing, she endure with you, she was there for you, she try her best to help you get back to your fit, don’t ever lose such a woman, some girls are created with golden heart, if you’re lucky to have one, don’t mess things up.